Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Trail Running

I have often considered taking up trail running but I've been scared of wandering the woods alone in DC. I get paranoid. My best friend Ingrid started running trails with her boyfriend and telling me how awesome it was. So over labor day weekend, I set out in the middle of the afternoon to explore some trails near me in Rock Creek Park.

The verdict: trail running is awesome!

It's the running version of hiking. It is constantly exciting and varied. It is also really hard. It requires serious leg muscle strength, aerobic capacity and good concentration. It is easier on the joints, as long as you're careful with your ankles, and it seems to use more muscles than road running. It makes you feel like a Tarzan.

I am still a little uneasy about running alone in the woods. But I've realized that much of Rock Creek is well traveled by many other runners and hikers, especially on weekend days. And I have plans to trail run and train with Ingrid. I'm excited about this new hobby and I'm hoping to keep up with it. It is so awesome to spend time in the woods, in the middle of the city, and I hope that a thirst for trails pushes me to pursue new adventures and explore new places.

Happy trails!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Inspiration: Happiness is the Key to Life

My husband Joshua is in a master's program for Web Design and Online Communications. He is learning a lot of fun stuff and I now have adobe suite at my disposal. I am hoping to take advantage of this and have him teach me more design skills that I can turn into pretty things and inspiration for this blog.

This quote is just funny. But it's about happiness and I like it. So go forth with your day, your week and your life and do everything you can to be happy when you grow up!