Thursday, March 7, 2013

Inspiration: when the day's work is over...

As always, this first week in March has been one of my busiest at work as my team prepares for our annual stewardship dinner. It is always a frantic time but this year it's a little different. Instead of being just another worker bee, in my new (as of August) job, I am "executive producer" of the event, as dubbed by my CEO during a planning meeting the morning after the oscars. This means added responsibility which is a good thing. But it also leaves me more stressed about things going wrong.

This morning, in my twenty minutes eating breakfast, I decided to search for some inspiring words to help me feel zen about the event. I was looking for something profound and, honestly, I couldn't find the perfect thing. I almost went the cheesy route with "que sera sera" but the quote above struck more of a chord with me.

"When the day's work is over, it's over."

All week, this is something I've tried to remind myself. Though I stayed late many nights, worked through my snow day, and had to take a break for runs before my work was over, I still let myself be done each night. I came home to drink wine, eat chocolate, and hang out with Joshua.

Now that the final full day of prep has passed, I'm feeling a little more like "que sera sera" sums up my state of mind. But I also like to think about 10PM tomorrow when the day's work, the week's work, and a whole season of President's Circle Dinner planning's work will truly be over.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the event. In spite of my anxiety over the many things that could go wrong, I always end up having a great time.

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