Friday, February 8, 2013

Declare Your Bike Love

On Ragbrai 2010, I signed a petition for People for Bikes, who was and is still working on collecting a million names of support to help them improve the future of bicycling. More specifically, to join together to "speak with one, powerful voice--to make bicycling safer, more convenient and appealing for everyone."

Ever since, I've gotten periodic e-mails from the organization but I get so much junk that I don't pay them much attention. Yesterday, I got one with the pretty header above and, with love in the air this month, I clicked through to declare my bike love.

I found a whole collection of stories about people who ride for health, for fun, and for love. I read through a bunch of them and knew I wanted to write something. But how could I say in a few paragraphs what biking means to me?

I ended up writing down my ultimate biking love story- my engagement during Bike America. I think I was trying too hard to make it deep and explain how everything about the trip, including the engagement, changed my perspective and made my life better. But that's hard to do in a few paragraphs. Maybe I should write a book about it...

Anyway, other people's stories are cooler and they're fun to browse through. If you're interested in hearing why so many people love to bike, or in sharing your own story, head on over to People for Bikes. While you're there, you can sign their pledge.

Happy Friday!

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