Thursday, May 3, 2012

My New Toy

When I want something big, I usually think about buying it and weigh my options for a long time and then one day, I decide I have to have it immediately, and buy it without giving it any more thought. That is kind of how it happened with my new dslr camera.

My favorite combination.

Now that I have an amateur photographer boyfriend, I am not as well-known as the photo-taking manic that I used to be. I still take plenty of pictures on my iPhone but I used to be the girl who brought her camera everywhere. I went to Sweden for two weeks in high school and used up nine disposable cameras. My parents were thrilled to pay for that when I got home. In college, my friend Nicole and I decided our sophomore year to create a facebook photo album for every weekend of the year. And we did. I was out of control with the picture taking.

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Josh pointed out how I focused on his nose, not his eyes. Oops.

So, even though I will never be the aspiring photographer that Joshua is, I started to think that I should get a high-quality camera for my bike ride and beyond. It also won't hurt to snap many more quality photos for my blog and not have to steal Josh's camera everytime I need to photograph a smoothie or my running shoes.

Here are some more of the random photos I've taken since I bought the camera Monday night. I am still taking everything on auto settings and don't know how to edit them well so hopefully there is nowhere to go but up. Either way, I think this is a huge improvement over my typical iphone pictures so I hope you enjoy!

Contemplating dessert after a Tuesday night dinner at Ripple.

Quinoa Risotto!

Bike tattoo after my Wednesday night ride.

Dinner: Vermicelli with spinach, pork, and garlic butter sauce.

Happy Thursday! What kind of camera do you use? Do you love taking pictures or do you find it to be a hassle?

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  1. Very nice! I bet you are gonna love it!

    I just posted some pb & nutella swirl cookies on my food blog - I could give you the link if you would like it. I don't like to just leave links on people's blogs.