Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekend Style: A Day at Work and a Day in the Sun

1. RL Dress 2. Madewell sandals 1. Tank 2. Yellow Tempo 3. Life is Good 4. Camelback 5. Cleats

It's Friday night and I'm at home on the couch, with my alarm set for 5:15 am tomorrow. I'll be spending the day working at the Girl Scouts' Annual Meeting in Leesburg, VA and I'm required to wear our professional uniform: navy, white, and girl scout scarf. So I was inspired to put together a cute little navy outfit, with comfortable shoes for all of the standing and walking I'll be doing. I think this Ralph Lauren dress paired with these madewell sandals are perfectly classic. My favorite kind of outfits are the ones that make me feel like a french girl, which this surely would.

Though my weekend will be shorter than normal, it will be redeemed by the fact that Sunday's forecast in DC is showing temperatures in the 80s and lots of sunshine. Which means that I will spend the whole day blowing off steam and producing sweat. For my regular Sunday morning frisbee game, I created the best spring-time active wardrobe I could come up with. I think the sun on the hat says it all. And because I just can't get enough, I'm hoping to fit in a bike ride after frisbee and then spend the evening picnicking with some of my favorite people by the drum circle in Meridian Hill Park.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend and I'll be back on Monday to report on my true weekend style and adventure.

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