Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend Style: Date Night and Spin Class

dress, locket, clutch, bangles, wedges, tank, towel, bottle, spandex, cycle shoe

The sad news about this weekend is that I was supposed to road trip to Vermont with Nikki and had to cancel because of work. But the good news is that since I thought I'd be out of town, I don't have many plans and should be able to spend some time relaxing.

On the fitness agenda for the weekend I have a soccer game, a bike ride, and a frisbee game. But the forecast is showing thunder storms on Saturday and rain all day Sunday so there's a good chance I'll be spending some of my time spinning at the gym. Since my very first class, I've been dreaming of making a bright spin outfit that would glow under the black lights of the classroom and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It is simple and patternless but, while I'm on that bike, it will be bright and flashy.

On the food and fun agenda are a potential bbq on Saturday and a dinner date with Josh tonight. We have a reservation at Indique, a neighborhood Indian restaurant that we've been wanting to try for months. They have two balconies overlooking Connecticut Ave, each with 1-2 tables and a perfectly romantic ambiance. On a night like tonight, there is nowhere else I'd rather eat dinner. Unfortunately, they don't take reservations for the balconies so we'll just have to hope there is some availability when we show up for our indoor reservation. I think the outfit on the left is perfect for a spring evening date at an Indian restaurant, especially if there's a chance we'll be hanging off the front wall for all to see.

Happy Weekend! What's on your agenda?

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