Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Recap: Sunshine in Meridian Hill Park

On Friday, I dreamt about the perfect outfits for the Girl Scouts' annual meeting and for a sunny day on the frisbee field. In real life, my outfits weren't quite as perfect as those I dreamed up but I did my best to be classic and bright for the respective occasions. This is what I wore.

The most unique thing about the weekend, though, was my Sunday evening picnic in Meridian Hill Park. 

This park, conveniently located between  15th, 16th, Euclid, and W Streets, hosts a lively drum circle every Sunday evening during the warm season. Two weeks ago, Nikki and Eric stumbled upon this festiveness on a run and, after celebrating Easter there, they were excited to bring a group back this weekend.

The environment in this place felt similar to that on Plaza of the Americas on UF's campus. There were tight-rope walkers, people sitting on the grass eating, and there was a whole lot of diversity.

We sat on blankets drinking wine and eating from our gourmet potluck selection of arugula salad, fresh fruit, orzo salad, and baked chicken.

Sunday nights are my regularly scheduled visits with the Shaws so I can't promise to be back every week but I would love to do this a few more times before I leave this summer. It is a perfectly refreshing way to wrap up any weekend and I highly recommend it to anyone in DC.

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?!

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