Friday, February 24, 2012

New Running Buddy and New Optimism

In high school, I didn't actually like running but I did it because I knew it'd keep me in shape for soccer. When I wasn't running at practice, I liked to run to a destination, thinking that I would get too bored if I were to just run in a circle. I used to run from my house to my best friend Rachel's house, a mere 1.42 miles away. I would go inside, hang out with her for a while, drink water, maybe watch some SNL, and then run home.

Now I like running [a lot] and running in circles doesn't bore me. But it still doesn't hurt to have Rachel to run toward. I set out after work yesterday and headed south on Connecticut Ave where I met up with her as she ran north away from her Dupont apartment. We literally ran in circles and did a kind of figure eight around Dupont Circle. We chatted and practiced our spitting skills. We ran exactly 1.53 miles together and then stood on the corner of 18th and U to talk for a while.

It blows my mind that I went over a year without seeing this girl. It is like nothing has changed and she still knows me so well. And because it's as if no time has passed and there's not too much catching up to do, we had plenty of time to talk about frivolous things like running shoes. Rachel was sporting some awesomely neon nikes that put my asics with ghetto pink laces from payless to shame. I may not be as stylish with the footwear but today I had a perfectly matched, and retro, outfit so I think I deserve some style points for that.

I finished feeling the best I have in weeks at the end of a run. I have been sick for 12 days and it has made running hard and unpleasant. I have had a pretty negative attitude toward running lately, feeling discouraged and tired. But tonight's 4.58 miles uplifted me big time. I am still fighting the cold but most of my body feels back to normal. I am strong again and my biggest challenge is breathing through the phlem in my throat and nose.

I look forward to many more "running in circles" runs with Rachel in the near future. I'm so glad to have rekindled this old friendship and to have gotten a new running buddy out of the deal. And, for the first time in a few weeks, I am looking forward to my long run tomorrow instead of dreading it.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hurray for friends and optomism... nice post and very cute shoes!