Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Sweat in Style: Yoga for the Beginner

1.American Apparel Unisex Tee, 2. Reversible Knee-tights from Target, 3. Gaiam Yoga Mat from Target, 4. CamelBak Bottle, 5. Essie Nail Polish

I know very little about yoga except that it makes me feel good and a little awkward. I have managed to shamelessly survive three classes on this minimal knowledge and I'm signed up for my fourth tonight.

I'll be with the most experienced yogi I know and, while she'll likely be decked out in lulu lemon gear from head to mat, I've learned that a beginner like me can get away with a very few, inexpensive essentials.

So I present you with my guide to Sweating in Style, yoga for the beginner. The nail polish is optional but it will make you feel pretty when you reveal your pale toes in public for the first time this winter.

Namaste. (Or something...)


  1. Haha I love the part about the nail polish! I haven't tried yoga yet but I am doing a challenge to try 12 new cross-training activities (one every month) and yoga might be one of them!

  2. Looking good! But do you have any recommendations for a yoga session or style or class or DVD to try?

    Thanks. :)

  3. I love yoga but can't afford to join a gym that offers classes or a studio. There is a yoga club at my school which is really basic but still helpful.

    I went skiing at Roundtop in Lewisberry, Pa. It is a part of Whitetail and Liberty