Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bony Feet

I seem to have oddly bony heels. When I run, my right heel bone rubs against the inside of my shoe and wears down the inner lining, creating a hole in it, leaving only the hard outer shell of the shoe to protect my heel. This happened with my old shoes but I got a couple hundred miles out of them, felt that the entire shoe was sufficiently worn out, and retired them, before the hole in the heel had a chance to bother me at all while running.

I bought a new pair of shoes in October and wore a hole in them in only 60 or 80 miles.

Still the hole had never bothered me on a run. It just concerned me that rubbing against the hard shoe may not be good for my heel bone. On Saturday, though, I went out on a limb and wore a different, fancier pair of socks than I'm used to. They were the Thorlo experia socks and I was drawn to them by the padded heels and balls. They cost me $14/pair. Unlike my good old Nikes, they did not protect me from this hole.
It is hard to take a picture from inside a shoe.
I felt the rubbing about halfway into my 9 mile run on Saturday and I came home to a raw patch on my foot where the skin had been rubbed away.

You can barely see it here because it was just raw skin.
But, trust me, it stung!

For days, it has hurt to wear any other shoes. I managed cleats on Sunday, with lots of neosporin and a band-aid but, when I put my asics back on last night for a 5 mile tempo run, the hole in the padding wore at my scabbed foot and irritated it all over again.

I stopped in Potomac Running last night and the owner suggested that I try to fill the gap with moleskin. I have also read extensively on Runner's World and am comforted to know that I am not alone in having this problem. Most people on the forum suggest moleskin or new shoes. I obviously can't afford to buy new running shoes every two months just because of a little hole in the heel padding. So tonight, I'll pick up some mole skin and perform surgery on my asics. Let's hope for the best...

Does anyone have a similar problem with your feet? Have you ever repaired any part of your running shoes with moleskin?


  1. I've gotten bad blisters in races, but nothing regularly. Moleskin didn't work for me, but I hope you have better luck! Maybe I used it wrong.

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