Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Recap: Party Dresses, Secret Santas, and Brunch Outings

It is Monday morning and my workday is quickly approaching so let's make this brief. I had a fun and full weekend in the spirit of Christmas. Here are some highlights of the past 60 hours:

  • Dancing the night away at Josh's company holiday party.

  • Biking to Georgetown in jeans and boots. I could learn a lesson from the winter cycling wardrobe advice that I offered you all.

  • Dining romantically with my babescout friends and sipping on buttered rum cider. Exchanging Secret Santa gifts and then laughing until we cried on the ninth floor of a hotel 1.2 miles from my apartment.

  • Enjoying yummy brunch and great conversation with my best friend Inna and two of her college friends at the Tabard Inn.

  • Watching the broncos game and eating smelly cheese (the smellier the better, that's what I was always taught) with Josh and my parents by a fire and a Christmas tree in their cozy living room.

  • Waking up early to run this morning only to realize that the sun wouldn't rise until 7 am and shying away from the scary pre-dawn hours. Doing a 15 minute Nike Trainer Ab workout instead.

Again this weekend I sweat less than I would have liked to but at least it was because I spent all of my time with so many loved ones and not because I was lazy and hungover. I only have a week or two before I begin the (shortened) RLRF half marathon training program so I'm going to enjoy these last days of running when I want, and skipping a run for ab exercises when I want, before I need to get serious.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Are you starting to do everything in the holiday spirit?


  1. Amen Sister! Xmas parties galore this weekend for me too.

    Blood on the dance floor style at Jenny's office party. They had to pull me off after leading the electric slide with a bottle of bordeaux in one hand and a ginger bread man in the other.

  2. I'm starting training for RRUSA today! Looks like a really fun weekend too!

  3. That looks like a great weekend! :) Your ornament is on its way!!

  4. Hey you!! This sounds like the best weekend ever!! Don't stress about not sweating as much as usual! You are starting your plan soon and I am sure you will sweat plenty once that begins! I got the NTC app but haven't tried it out yet! I hear it's amazing though so I should probably get on it :)