Monday, December 26, 2011

Virtual Holiday Races and Stylish (sweaty) Presents

Happy Holidays!

I have been gloriously out of touch with the blogosphere this weekend, as I sweat and relax with my family. The closest I've been to technology has been in texting merry Christmas to many loved ones and in reading my new Kindle Fire (thanks Santa!) I'm not quite ready to recap all the holiday festivities but I would like to quickly report on three things.

First: Virtual Christmas 5k, Daily Vitamin F

I ran my third virtual holiday race, hosted by Kiley of daily vitamin F, yesterday. I can honestly say that I had never woken up early on Christmas morning to lace up my asics and go for a run. I'm usually the type to wear the most festive pajamas I own, and cozy up by the fire all morning with tea, sometimes not leaving the house all day. But the whole point of Kiley's race series is to encourage us to be active through the holidays. And it worked. I love to run anyway, so once I decided to do this, I was actually really excited to hit the streets at 8am on Christmas morning and appreciate the deserted feeling in Bethesda.

I ran from my parents' house to the house I grew up in, only 1.7 miles away.

I ran the two blocks from there to the house Ingrid grew up in and embraced the strong nostalgia of running that terrain I had walked so so many times as a child and as a teenager.

Then I ran home. Actually, I ran away from the place I called home for 18 years of my life, and back to my family.

As usual, I was not prepared enough to print the race
bib and photograph myself with it. If that disqualifies me,
whatever- I'm just happy to have been encouraged to run. 

Then, just like old times, I jumped on my brother's bed, this time dripping sweat on him, so we could begin opening presents.

Second: I got Sweating in Style Presents

I hope you people are ready because I was gifted very much awesomeness this christmas that will support my stylishly sweaty lifestyle and my trans-america bike ride. Here is a little fashion show of my favorites...

Nike running pullover with thumb holls and a
finger pouch to keep my hands warm from Joshua.
(or so I can run and do a puppet show at the same time)

Detailed Northern Route cycling map and
bumper sticker from Adventure Cycling
(from Santa)

Sleeveless cherry blossom bike jersey from my dad
(this deserves major props as he doesn't shop ever
for anything but food and wine)

Fleece pullover and silk sleeping sack (the green thing)
from my Mom It's like a sheet shaped like a sleeping bag-
for warm nights in tents. I think we'll become
very good friendscome summer 2012

Nike cold weather running vest from Joshua

New mummy sleeping bag from parents. I am a mummy!
Ok, sorry for bragging about all my cool new stuff. I'm clearly very excited. I hope that everyone who exchanged gifts yesterday got many things to be excited about!

Third: Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k

I ran my fourth virtual holiday race, the Home for the Holidays 10k hosted by StephanieRobin, and Ashley. The nice thing about this race is it gave people the option to participate any time from December 23-26. With a hike on Friday, bike ride on Saturday and another virtual race yesterday, I had only today to squeeze the 10k in. Josh and I didn't get home until 3pm this afternoon so I set out pretty much immediately for the race.

This is not how I run in real life.
Only for running jumping pictures.

I knew I didn't have anything festive enough to put me in the running for the best race outfit prize but I wanted to sweat in a little Christmas style nonetheless. I was also fooled by the sunny skies so I suited up in my shortest shorts and a little cotton tee.

There is a christmas tree on my shirt, I promise.

I guess, even when you're sweating, beauty is pain because this outfit did not make for a pleasant 55 minutes of running.

This is me in pain post-race

I was really cold and, somehow, I think that made the run harder. My body must have used quite a bit of energy to warm itself, leaving less to fuel my legs up the beast of a hill that is Mass Ave. I finished the race in 55:12.30 and I'm very happy to just to have completed the thing.

I hope that everyone kept active this weekend and that. Thank you to Kiley, Stephanie, Robin, and Ashley for providing the perfect motivation to run this weekend! Those prizes you're offering are pretty sweet but simply knowing that so many other runners are out there participating in this virtual race with me kept me going!

Tell me: did you get any sweaty presents this weekend? Did you (or have you ever) run a virtual race for the holidays?


  1. I did, I ran Kiley's virtual 5k! Sweet Christmas presents!

  2. Great job, I also ran in Kiley's Christmas Virtual 5K!

    I got some sweaty gifts this Christmas too, I'm really excited about my Garmin from my husband and my Aspaeris pivot shorts from my parents!

  3. I got that same blue Nike pullover and I love it!