Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Sweat in Style: Running in the Dark

1. Hi-Viz light-weight glove, 2. Brooks nightlife headband, 3. Road ID Slim, 4. Reflective Belt, 5. iPhone, 6. Reflective Vest, 7. Insulator Stabilyx Tights, 8. Brooks Nightgear shorts, 9. Reflective waist pack, 10. Saucony Hi-Viz shoes, 11. Mynx coldgear jacket, 12. LED Headlight

The good news: yesterday was the shortest day of the year so our hours of sunlight will be slowly increasing from now until June. The bad news: there are still very many evenings of early darkness left this season.

I am one to naturally worry so I prefer to avoid running in the dark when I can. But I've learned that, with a 9-5 work schedule, the only way to avoid it is to not run at all. And I'm sorry [mom] but that's not going to happen. So I do the best I can to stay safe. I don't run in the morning darkness when there are far fewer people out than at night. I wear bright neon outfits. I stay on well lit streets that are busy with pedestrians. I wear reflective gear. I run with buddies when I can. And I try to run with a phone in case of emergencies.

If you have no choice but to run in the dark through the winter, here are some pieces of clothing and accessories that I think will help make you more easily visible. Remember to sweat in style (preferably in neon) but don't do anything that you feel unsafe about. Enjoy!

Tell me: Do you run in the dark? If so, do you do so only during certain, safer hours? Do you have a go-to piece of clothing or accessory that helps make night running more safe?

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  1. I actually really enjoy running in the dark. I just bought these crazy orange patterned tights than will make me visible from space!