Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Was a Good Year

It literally seems like yesterday that I was hungover on a couch, watching the Florida Gator's bowl game, eating orange and blue nachos on January 1, 2011. And now 2012 is a mere 2 days away. I don't have a hefty list of 2011 resolutions to recap for you but I do think I accomplished some pretty great things this year. Here are the highlights:

I skiied my first double black diamond in the Rocky Mountains. I had skiied double blacks on the east coast but, in my opinion, those are about on par with a blue run on the west coast. So this was a huge bitch of an accomplishment. I also taught Josh to ski for the first time.

This is actually before my second double black, which
I skiied with Nathan the day after my first.

I moved into Washington, DC. Finally, after two years of living together, Josh and I got to live alone together. And it has been as much fun as I always thought it would be.

I ran my first half marathon. The National Half Marathon in March.

I joined Capital Bikeshare. I didn't use it enough but I still have four months left of membership so that would make for a good resolution in 2012.

I rode my bike through New York City's Five Boros. I later learned that I basically biked the NYCM backwards. I also learned that 30,000 people and their bikes can NOT comfortably fit on 42 miles of New York City streets.

I began to truly LOVE running. It became part of my lifestyle, not because it could help me lose weight or let me eat more calories but because it made me feel good. It changed my life. And, yes, this list is in chronological order and, no, I did not truly love running until after my first half marathon.

I hosted, and cooked, a vegan birthday dinner for my dad, during which my family dreamed of, and became serious about riding our bikes across America in the Summer 2012. That was a very defining night in my life and was the inspiration for such great things.

I virtually rode Ragbrai. Really I just wrote about it and vicariously rode it. But whatever, a girl can dream. And next year I will actually ride my bike from river to river, across Iowa.

After actually completely Ragbrai, Summer 2010

I survived an earthquake. Good thing because, that same day, I got to see one of my best friends from high school.

Then I survived a hurricane.

I bought a Garmin and learned what it meant to race for speed.

I began to take blogging seriously. And I have found so much support and awesomeness in this community.

I ran a half marathon in under two hours. It was my second half, in Baltimore, and it was one of the  hardest and best things I did this year. It was also the day that one of my great friends ran her first marathon, on her 26th birthday. I will always remember that day.

With Nikki after my sub-2 and her first marathon!

I ran/walked a race with my brother. I basically forced him to do this with me, by signing him up and paying his way before he had even agreed to do it. He did not run the whole time but I like to think he is glad to have done it.

My bike ride across America was approved and, therefore, became real. It was just a random Thursday but it should go down as one of the most noteworthy days of the year. Because it opened the door to one of the best dreams my family and I have ever had.

Joyce and I, as jazzed as humanly possible about biking.

A lot more happiness was had in December but I think I'll end on that note. Because that door, that was opened by approval for leave from my boss, is exactly how I want to look ahead into 2012. This year was full of a lot of love and good times and I feel very fortunate for that. But to end a great year, and be even more excited about what the next has in store... I think I could ask for nothing better.

Happy 2011 and I hope everyone has great things to look forward to in the New Year!


  1. Looks like you had a great year! I also ran my first half marathon this year, so far my only. I'm planning on running my first marathon next year!

    I'm excited to read about your bike ride across America! I would love to do something like that someday.

  2. Looks like you had an awesome year!! :) Wishing you, your friends and family a great and very blessed 2012!

  3. Love this list! Happy for you and hope things only get better in 2012 :)