Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Friday

Here are some things on my mind going into the weekend...

1. I won my first ever giveaway, thanks to Vanessa of Gourmet Runner. I got a $25 gift card to and my indecisive self is going to have a really hard time deciding on something. But I'm very excited about the possibilities!

2. Nikki posted the long awaited recap of her Baltimore Marathon (26.2 on her 26th birthday). This post made me so happy and at times even made me want to cry. And more than anything, it made me want to run 26.2 miles sooner rather than later. This terrifies me tremendously but it is real and it's something I'm thinking about. You have to read her post.

3. I ran four something miles last night and passed Obama's motorcade. It was hard and my muscles felt tight but, somehow, I pulled this off among some of my favorite hills:

4. I got a present in the [electronic] mail yesterday. It is already hanging up at my desk and on my fridge.

5. And I got this in the snail mail. I hope to be running faster and smarter in no time.

6. Post-workout chocolate milk has been replaced by post-workout hot chocolate. I normally make swiss miss with water because it's fewer calories but tonight I used real milk. Actually, I normally don't even drink hot chocolate because I'm not such a fan. But for health and recovery's sake, I think I can handle some warm cocoa beverages this winter.

7. I am going swimming tonight for the second time and I'm going it alone. Hopefully I will come out alive and with less chlorine water up my nose than last time. Tomorrow, I have two soccer games back to back and I am determined for us to win both. Hopefully we won't be playing in the snow this time.

Happy Friday! Any exciting weekend plans?

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  1. You're going to love the RLRF book! So many great charts/tables for workout ideas!