Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Food Lover's Challenge: Writing Down Our Food

Last week, Kate was going out of town for work and concerned she wouldn't have much control over where and what exactly she ate. So she challenged us to write down everything we ate and drank for the week.

This challenge was not as fun as some of the others but it was a good way to hold ourselves accountable and to prevent me from eating six cookies in one sitting. My food notes were much more pretty and organized but Kate's were funnier. One day she ate "too much emotion", cheese, gummy bears, and beer. At least that's what she ate according to her notes.

Carrie's Food

Kate's Food

Neither of us were too passionate about the competition last week so we conceded to tying when Julia was hesitant to choose a winner. This week, though, I think there is going to be blood. The challenge is to eat pumpkin in as many different dishes as possible. I have had a long love affair with pumpkin and I had no idea that Kate would also be so into this one. She tells me daily, sometimes even hourly, that I'm going down. I think she's wrong. Only time will tell.

I told Josh and Ingrid that this is one of the best weeks to be my friend because I am cooking up a storm. It also doesn't hurt that I am attending two thanksgiving dinners this weekend. Hear that Kate? You're going down!

Do you have any pumpkin recipes to add to my growing list? What is your favorite fall food?

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