Friday, November 11, 2011


Lizzy, at Food To Run For, has been tweeting all week about 11/11/11. On Tuesday, she said that she and her husband are taking the day off and honoring it by doing eleven fun things. Since I am stuck in my office on this rarest of all dates, I will share eleven fun thoughts with you instead.

1. Today is Vertan's Day and that is important. Thank you to my dad, my grandfathers, and all of the other brave Veterans out there!

2. I did my first track repeat workout and tempo run in the same week and they felt awesome. I'm petitioning my friends who joined me in those runs to make them weekly events.

3. The temperature is in the 30s right now and I wore a snow hat on my walk to work this morning. I don't want fall to end. Never ever ever.
Photos from Josh Bassett Photography

4. Because fall, unfortunately, does have to end, it is important that everyone wear scarves to keep their necks warm. And it is even more important that people learn how to wear their scarves 25 different ways so that they can look cute while keeping their necks warm. You're welcome.

5. Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday. This year, I am joining at least three thanksgiving dinners in one week. And I am truly thankful for that.

6. Talk about Sweating in Style- this Sunday is DC's annual tweed ride.

7. I cannot participate in the tweed ride because I am scheduled to hang out with crazy people who think that kayaking and sailing are preferred activities for November. The ring leader of those people, my friend (and best friend's brother) Erik, has spent the last two months in Alaska and is in town for the weekend before flying to Antarctica. He has been producing Coast Guard Alaska, and is about to be bundled up filming penguins, so maybe to him 40 degrees and sunny does seem like optimal weather for an afternoon of boating.

8. I got this amazing vintage Girl Scout sweatshirt from work yesterday. When I got home and wore it to bed last night, Josh told me his step mom had a t-shirt that looked just like it 15 years ago when his sister was a girl scout. Even cooler.

9. Josh and I are trying out this dorky thing called alphabet dating. We go on plenty of dates but normally it's like hey, i'm hungry. let's go out to eat. Sometimes, it's like i have a surprise for you. we're going on a date. But that is more rare. So now we're going to take turns planning an actual "surprise" every month. It doesn't have to be a big production- just something fun. I am planning first and I will tell you that we are not going apple picking, alcohol drinking or on an art walk. Those were his guesses last night.

Or is it?

10. In July, I bought a living social for STROGA, a strength yoga studio in DC. I now have ten classes to take by the end of January and I am overwhelmed by the possibilities. I am excited to try it out and I promise to be optimistic in giving yoga another chance to win my heart. I have to admit, the "ohm" has never done it for me.

11. I am running the Hot Chocolate 15k on December 3 with about 20 friends. Nikki and I are going to be super hard core and bike the 13 miles it takes to get there from DC. This makes three thanksgiving dinners, and leftovers every day in between, even more important. It is about health people!

Happy Friday! What fun things do you have on your mind or on your calendar this weekend?

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  1. Alphabet Dating... I LOVE IT! Not sure Kevin will, but it is worth a try. Let's do girl's night to discuss ideas and our other lovers... our blogs.