Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's been real, October.

One of the advantages to blogging so regularly about my many sweaty endeavors is that it motivates me to try new things and it holds me accountable. I run and bike and play sports because they make me happy but sometimes the knowledge that I'm going to go home and write about doing those things gives me that extra incentive to go further or to push harder. It would have killed me to come home on October 15th and put in writing, for all the blogosphere to read, that I failed to run the Baltimore Half Marathon in under two hours, a goal I'd been reminding the world of daily for weeks.

But still, I often set very vague goals for myself and then procrastinate more than I sometimes should. So I began the practice of setting, and posting on the internet, monthly goals. Here's how I did for October...

3. I did not visit my best friend Inna in NYC. But I did get to hang out swing dance with her in DC. And I am currently working with her to find the perfect weekend to reschedule New York.

4. I did not complete the long awaited photo shoot and reveal the perfect blog header that I've been dreaming about for months. I might be happy with the one I have. And I don't want to confuse people too much. I'm obviously a little indecisive on this matter.

5. I did research on which DC bike shops offer maintenance classes and learned that City Bikes in Adams Morgan has free classes every Thursday evening at 6:30 PM. Perfect bullet for my upcoming list of November goals.

6. I stretched almost every day.

7. I did not begin planning a budget for 9 week bike ride next summer. That has to happen ASAP.

8. I stopped eating dessert every day. I continued to drink chocolate milk after a good workout.

9. I ate lots of protein and whole grains leading up to the half marathon. And I have since.

10. I reduced caffeine intake in the weeks before Baltimore. I'm back to drinking tea daily.

11.  I did not get 8-9 hours of sleep every night.

Seven of eleven October goals were completed successfully. And let's face it, 8-9 hours of sleep a night is probably going to re-appear on these lists for months. But that's why I'm doing this- to hold myself accountable and to keep getting better and better at living life and treating my body right.

Do you feel accomplished even when you can't check every last thing off your list? Do you have trouble giving your body as much sleep as you know it needs?


  1. I think you should head to NYC on Dec 9 (and ride the bus with me and B). The groupon might still be available! $30 round trip. (PS - can you tell i'm catching up on your blog...)

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