Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspiration: Believing in Myself

There are some images in my life right now that scare me. Like this one predicting a windy Saturday in Baltimore.

Or this one, displaying the hilly 13.1 miles I'm trying to dominate.

I have doubts about running that course, through the wind, in less than two hours. But I also believe in myself and I know that, at this point, believing is the best I can do. To help, I have gathered some inspiring images and quotes that do the opposite of scare me.

So tell me: How do you inspire yourself?


  1. i inspire myself by reading your blog!!!

  2. Believing in yourself is so important in running. A lot of times I look back at old blog posts to reminisce about confidence-boosting runs for extra inspiration.
    I LOVE all those quotes.