Saturday, September 24, 2011

Taking Medicine and Cheering on the Gators

I apologize for my absence the past few days. Blogging, and life in general, is way less fun when I have no sweaty adventures to report on. I am still feeling crappy and finally went to the doctor this morning. And, by this morning, I mean that I went there at 11:30 and didn't leave until 2:30. I was told that I have allergic rheumatitis or something which is causing nasal drip, making my head feel like a balloon, and causing me to feel over-exerted very easily. Sounds about right. I was given two prescriptions and a few recommendations for OTC drugs and am supposed to feel better (and ready to run again) in about 36 hours. Thank god!

 I have been just sitting around eating and drinking the most cleansing things I could get my hands on, afraid to work out and make myself worse. But I have become SO BORED! Josh and I took an hour long walk last night which was the most exercise I've had all week. It was fun but I am ready for more! Baltimore is three weeks from today and I need to keep in tip-top shape. At least I have an answer and a solution so now I can be optimistic. I was also told that I have a slow pulse and a very strong. Probably true for any runner but still nice to hear that I'm healthy, despite being unhealthy at the moment.

They YAY! thing about today is that it's another gator game day. Today I am thinking about how much I miss being in Gainesville on game days. And it's not just that I miss going to the swamp and cheering on the gators in person. They are playing in Lexington, KY tonight so being at home in FL wouldn't make a difference. What I miss the most is living in a place where all of my friends are all about the gators too. I'm thinking about fun memories like these...

FSU 2009
LSU 2008

Nathan in the swamp!
No tailgating? I don't think so.
FL/GA most tailgated in parking lot ever
National Championship 2006. And Nicole's 20th Birthday!

South Carolina 2008

Last game in the swamp as students!


Luckily, I have wonderful friends like Ben in DC, who throw parties and invite Josh and I to take control of the TV during them so we can participate and still cheer on our beloved gators. We are heading to his place at half time of the current UF v. UK game in my new gator shirt, with my homemade (ORANGE) pumpkin cream cheese muffins in hand.

Happy Saturday, happy recovery, and GO GATORS!

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