Thursday, September 1, 2011

Park Riding and Home Admiring

I love running, I really do. But I also love biking and i love lucy. And I have been neglecting her a bit recently. That has to change. So I've decided to work some bike rides into my half marathon training plan. Because let's face it, I'm just exercising to stay fit and have fun anyway. And I expect that if I'm fit, I'll be able to feel good at the end of 13.1 miles.

So tonight, I turned my cat-sitting errand into a fun workout. I rode lucy 5.0 miles through the streets, and park of DC. I love how far removed I feel from the city when riding through rock creek park. I gotta do this more often.

Lucy needs a bath.

 Coming out of the park means steepness, though. And the best leg-burn of the night.

A road this curvy means little visibility for cars, which could mean bad things for me. I stay far to the left in the lane so they'll see me as soon as possible.

I feel like maybe it could be next summer, and I could be riding up a mountain in the state of Washington. Maybe?

Until I reach 16th street and realize I'm in the city, especially as I feel a renewed sense of urgency. Have to make this light. Cannot wait. No patience.

I arrived at the house and played with some cats. I re-filled my water bottle, relieved my bladder, and then left for my 5.5 mile return journey.

And then I saw lots of cool houses on the way home. And, let me tell you, I have a bad case of house envy. Sometimes I go for walks with Joshua and spend hours looking at the beautiful homes in Cleveland Park, fantasizing about drinking coffee on their front porches or waking up in their master bedrooms. Does this make me creepy?

 I love pretty homes. So why not photograph some of them??

Not the best lighting...
Home to the urban wildlife.
This house is pink. Can you tell?

Cool red tin roof. Lovely in a rain storm, I'm sure.
I was just riding way too fast to get photos on time ;)
You know you're in DC when there's a giant donkey statue outside someone's house.
Some of my all-time favorites in the city.

Man on the porch must have thought I was a real creeper.


Obama? Is that you? When did you move to Mount Pleasant??
And then I arrived at the homiest home of all. My own.

With my home-mate out for the night, I made dinner for one. Sun-dried tomato and artichoke pasta with grilled asparagus. And a friendly serving of Sauvignon Blanc, of course.

A 10.5 mile bike ride was light but I felt my legs burn a lot. And it was fun, that's what it's all about right? Health, yes, but also FUN! I'm taking tomorrow off and then attempting to run 11 miles on Saturday! Can't wait to see how that goes!

Do you opt for a fun, stress-free workout every now and then? Do you ever fantasize about the awesome houses in your city that you wish you could live in?

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