Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally Frisbee

Yesterday I finally suited up and had a chance to sweat. I played a few fun games of Sunday morning frisbee for the first time in a while. We played 3v3 which is always a really good workout. And my team came back from being down by four points in each game and won both. So it was pretty epic.

While playing, it occured to me that this may not be the best physical activity to start with after being sick, as there was a lot of sprinting, running, and yelling. I was tired and a little worried about delaying the recovery to a 100% healthy Carrie but I felt good afterward and have ever since. I was feeling colorful yesterday morning and dressed myself in this getup. And then I sweat all over it.

Let me advise you to never wear bike shorts to play frisbee, or probably any other sport that requires loads of sprinting and cutting. Many wedgies will result. The good news is that I fit in with all of the walkers on Connecticut Ave, clad in pink, finishing up the three day, 60 mile, Susan G. Komen walk for the cure. And no that was not a typo, they actually walk 60 miles in three days. Petty unbelievable.


I spent the rest of the day cleaning, eating and hanging out with my mom and Josh. My mom made Canard a L'orange (duck) that she wanted to experiment on us before cooking it for guests at an upcoming dinner party. And it was awesome! My only advice was to use real carrots instead of baby ones because they will look nicer.

Tonight, I will run again for the first time since my thirteen miles last weekend! It's about time!

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