Saturday, August 6, 2011

Somerset Back to School Classic: Signed Up

On Sunday, after posting my 25 before 25 list, I checked the website for the Somerset Back to School Classic and learned that the price would go up the next day. I sent my brother a text that read:

Btw, on my list of 25 before 25, I put convince Nathan to run somerset 8k with me!!! Price goes up after today- I'm signing you up! hahaha

His response:

Haha ok fine

So that was easy enough. And I can cross it off my list.

21. Convince Nathan to run Somerset 8k with me.

If anyone else needs convincing, I'd be glad to step in. It is still only $25 and it is "Montgomery County's finest community race", popular among many local runners, according to Here is the route.

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