Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Running Hangover

So you know I ran 9.88 miles at 6pm on Saturday. And you know that I was sleep deprived and poorly fed. Apparently that is a dangerous combination.

Right after the run, I felt good. Josh and I had plans to meet friends for drinks, though, so I didn't take a second to recover. I jumped in the shower, called my friends, changed, and left the apartment. Right as we left, I started to feel nauseous. Really really nauseous. We walked about half a mile, extremely slowly, and then gave in and grabbed a cab. We met up with our friends at Tryst and, for me, "drinks" ended up meaning water and  lots of food. Once I had eaten, my stomach felt a little better but my head felt wack. I was kind of lightheaded, really giddy, and had absolutely no filter. It was weird and kind of fun. We called it an early night and I was asleep by midnight, expecting to wake up refreshed the next day.

But Sunday was worse. Having slept ten hours, I woke up so incredibly tired- physically and mentally. I went to Frisbee and felt terrible. I had a headache, my muscles felt blah, and I had no desire to win or play well. Which is incredibly rare and was pretty embarrassing. I hate to not be good at something and on Sunday, I was not good at frisbee. After my second tackle by a boy, resulting in a worse headache, a shattered spirit, and the leg terror below, I (GASP) decided to sit out. So I chilled and waited for my headache to go away. And, come time to go home, it took a lot more out of me to bike the .7 miles uphill than it normally does.

Monday morning, I was also unusually tired. But I drank tea and made it through the workday. I ran 4.6 miles after work with Ingrid and, believe me, had I not had her pushing me, I would have likely stopped around mile 1.5. My legs were so so so tight and I felt a little weak. But pushing through the initial pain made the rest of the run much easier. And I'm glad I finished it.

I hate the idea that running made me sick. It wasn't even ten miles so it seems a little weird. I played soccer the day after the half and played pretty damn good. So WTF, body?? What are you trying to tell me? Do you need more sleep? Are you sick? Should I feed you better? I know you don't hate running so let's figure this out! You are strong and you never sit out or stop running. So, I will sleep more and I will stretch more. And I will treat you well and will give you at least an hour or more to recover after such a long run. And you will be strong!!

Do you ever struggle after a long run? How long do you normally take to recover?


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