Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quake Day

What a day! (yesterday) The earth quaked. I stayed at work late to make up for the time spent standing outside post-quake. I wanted to get home asap to fit in a workout before dinner with my good friend from high school, Erin.
So I hopped on bikeshare in van ness. Four minutes later, I was at the station in cleveland park but without a vacant docking station. Grrreeeat.

I guess everyone opted for bikes today, as metro is experiencing extreme delays. I contemplated riding back to Van Ness and walking home but that seemed absurd. So I waited. And waited. Finally, I gave up and headed back. And docked my bike in  the same place I took it from.

By the time I got back to Cleveland Park on foot, there was an empty dock. I knew that would happen.

With little time left to work out, and having gotten a meek leg workout on the return bike trip, and some cardio during the earthquake panic attack, I decided that a fifteen minute ab routine would have to suffice for the evening.

I spent a little time cleaning up the earthquake debris in my home. And by "debris", I mean:

Gator head on the edge of disaster
RHCP, Gumbee, Boba Fet catastrophe in our bookcase!!
I shared quick quake stories with Joshua and then hurried to dinner with Erin. She had just returned from a two month internship in Uganda and is on her way to Michigan to find a job with Americorps. She is the free-est spirit I know and she is a crucial element on my cross country ride so I'm hoping her mystery job allows for her to join. We tried Spices and their Rainbow Roll (Salmon, Eel, Tuna, Cucumber, Avacado) left me satisfied with a little room for ice cream. And now I'm fueled for tomorrow's training run.

Where were you during the quake? Did you feel the shake? Were you one of the people clogging up all the bikeshare docks? (If so, good for you- keep on riding!!)

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog, carrie! No job yet, so next summer is still wide open for biking... we'll see.