Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Running... Messy Baking

Yesterday, I got to run with Nikki for the first time in a while and it was fun. I miss that! I only ran four miles but, when I got home, I felt like this:

I made a lazy dinner with randomness in my cabinet and fridge. And covered it all in cheese. DELISH!

To make up for such a lazy dinner, I went all out with dessert. It may not look like it, but this stupid thing took me like four hours to pull together.

I made the cake from scratch (first time attempting that) and apparently my style of cooking isn't the best for cakes from scratch. Because my style of cooking is: throw stuff together, measure approximately, preheat or don't preheat- whatever, and make the biggest mess you can imagine (EVERY TIME). Here is a breakdown of the hot mess that was me between 8 pm and midnight yesterday.

Ok. This should be easy!
It wasn't. So I dug in!
Still feeling happy.
But in need of some assistance from man muscles.
And drinking wine to keep me sane.
Mentally prepared to begin the frosting.
Turned it yellow and threw it in a bag.
Wasted a lot of it experimenting.
Then I tackled the cake.
With my leftovers, I was too tired to try any more pretty frosting.
And I was left with this.
And this. Josh was thrilled.
Did I mention that the only reason I did this was to try out my birthday present cake decor set from Ingrid?! This was supposed to be about the icing. And somehow, it became a four hour process dedicated to baking a cake with frozen ingredients that chilled the butter so much it had to be mixed by hand (literally) and nearly induced frostbite. But it was certainly nice to come home from work tonight to this:

I cook like I exercise. Spontaneously, spastically, agressively, and lovingly. But I learned last night that it's a good thing I don't write a cooking blog. Preparing content for one post about baking was exhausting enough. And I'd rather exhaust myself doing what I truly love to find content. You all know I love lucy but I also love running ten miles. I'll be doing that tomorrow morning and can't wait to write about it.

Any suggestions on where to run to in this exciting city?

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  1. Hahaha I love it and I'm sure the cake was yummy especially with cream cheese frosting!!