Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fit Folks: Hurricane Irene

Ok, so this is kind of a cop-out. But I missed Fit Folks last Friday. I will just blame all of the natural disasters that hit the east coast over the past seven days. The most devastating of which was Hurricane Irene. I don't know if you heard, but that bitch is fit. She tore a bunch of stuff up in our city and wreaked even more havoc elsewhere. She also forced me inside for over twenty-four hours, as I recovered from my long run. I was not as intense as some of the people tweeting at Christine about working out in the rain. But I'm ok with that. Here's how fit (and destructive) Irene proved to be as she ran through D.C. on Saturday night, as seen through the lens of Josh's camera.

Saturday afternoon on Macomb Street.

Sunday morning on Macomb Street.
Sunday morning on Porter Street.
Sunday morning on South Chelsea Lane.
Sunday afternoon on Yuma Street.

Sunday afternoon on Idaho Avenue.

Sunday evening on Connecticut Ave and Newark Street.
I hope that everyone is safe and that you suffered no damage. I am thinking, especially, of Nikki's parents and my aunt and uncle Joan and Tony who are up in a flash flooded Vermont. Though, as it turns out, Tony may be even more fit than Irene, as he canoed through her harshness on Sunday afternoon.
Note: This wasn't yesterday but still, fitter than Irene.
So long Irene! We're glad your fitness faded fast!

How is your area in wake of the hurricane? Did you prove to be more fit than Irene by going out and exercising in the storm? Or did you rearrange your schedule to avoid her like I did?

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  1. By Sunday afternoon you could barely tell Irene came threw my area.

    We did not exercise during the storm but rearranged our schedule like you. We managed to get 20 miles in Sunday afternoon. It sucked, but I am glad we did it!