Friday, August 12, 2011

Fit Folks: The Beginning

Welcome to Fit Folks, my first weekly post on i love lucy! On Fit Folks, you will have the chance to read about the athletic adventures of different active people. This will give you a break from Carrie and Lucy and give you some perspective on what else is fun, possible, and challenging for people of different ages, body types, and genders, and in different parts of the city, country, or world. This is a work in progress and I haven’t decided exactly what the format will be. I would like to keep it diverse and give my guests the option to write a post themselves, to be interviewed by me, or to simply tell me their story and have me write about it. 

All Photos taken by Josh

I will begin with some people I know, because I am lucky to know many active people with diverse interests, careers, and hobbies, whose stories I think deserve to be shared on the blogosphere. And I hope that, through this, I will become more comfortable with public speaking, and will begin catching stories from strangers on the bike path, on a Ragbrai Forum, or running next to me in a race. Maybe one day I'll start interviewing Florida football players and cheerleaders like the ones above.

If there are any particular types of athletes you'd like to read about or any questions you think worth including in interviews, please let me know.

Have a great weekend and check back next week (Friday) for the first edition of Fit Folks!

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