Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall is in the air! (and some healthy indulging)

This morning I woke up At 6 am to run. I haven't done that in a while. And it was more apparent than ever that the seasons are changing. It was still dark when I left. Here is the blurry dawn ten minutes into my run.

It was also a cooler temperature than I've felt in a while.

So much so that Ingrid, my morning running mate, was wearing long sleeves when I met her in Dupont. She took them off about four minutes later, but still. Fall is in the air. And so is love. To embrace it, Josh and I went out to dinner and ate this fried green tomato pizza with fennel, tomatoes, ricotta, and summer squash. And OH EMMMMM GEEEEEEE is how I felt about that. SO GOOD!

Then we shared a zuchinni whoopie pie and cookie monster cupcake from a bakery across the street. One very amazing perk of running four and a half miles at 6am is that I feel no guilt at all for the rest of the day about the calories I consume.

Then we went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers nationwide showing of today's concert in Germany, in honor of their newly released album. It was pretty sweet, but I still need to see them live. Obvi.

3D glasses = coolest kids around
Though I do like how I feel all day after an early morning run, I have been preferring to "sleep in" until 7 recently, and do my exercising in the evenings. And with fall around the corner, running after work will just get more and more pleasant. I can't wait!

Do you tend to indulge after a good workout or do you still feel guilty for eating empty calories like in my cakes above? Are you excited for fall too???


  1. Where is that bakery? Those both look amazing and if it means I can eat that I'll definitely run with you!

  2. Buzz bakery in Ballston! (it was the closest movie theatre to DC playing rhcp)