Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ragbrai Day 7: The end

If you're riding Ragbrai today, you are probably sad that it's over. You may be ready to give your butt and legs a break for a while. Or you may be ready for a good night's sleep before you finish your long ride across this vast country. But either way, you're surely going to miss the madness, the unique spirit and energy that doesn't really exist elsewhere. You have a substantial, hilly, 65.6 miles ahead of you, though, so enjoy it while you can!

Though we're missing it at the end, Josh and I are doing a great job of honoring Ragbrai this weekend, as we spent last night riding bikes until it was time for bed and woke up this morning to get out and ride some more. We spontaneously decided yesterday, to ride down to the Lincoln Memorial to meet Ingrid and David on their walk among the monuments. We rode through dusk on the Rock Creek bike path and, all of a sudden, this emerged:

It was a beautiful, windy night in the city and it gave me such a special feeling. I live in the Nation's Capital and it is an unbelievable thing, something I take for granted far too often. And I live here with some of my best friends. Though it would have been cool to be biking in Iowa, I truly can not think of a better way to have spent the night. It mostly consisted of Ingrid, David, and I, lying around like this:

Big Legs. All the better to ride a bike with.
While Josh stood around and took pretty pictures like these:

Now, we're off to test the soreness of our butts on our long-awaited ride to Gravelly Point. We were going to be joined by a bigger crowd but people had bed bugs to exterminate, work to do, or fear of the heat to succumb to. So it's a date. We are bringing a football, a picnic of grapes, olives and camembert, and a shit-ton of water. And hopefully we'll find some of that unique madness and spirit on the trail.

We will be thinking of those on Ragbrai, as I live vicariously for one final day. This week of imaginary Ragbrai participation my seem weird to some of you and that's ok. Like father, like daughter. Enjoy the ride !!

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