Friday, July 29, 2011

Ragbrai Day 6: GO GATORS

Last year on Ragbrai, my parents and I planned a day to wear our college jerseys.

 As my mom and I were riding, I said that it would be cool if they had a designated day for everyone to show their school spirit. Because there are so many Iowa and Iowa State Jerseys, and plenty of other out-of-state ones, sported throughout the week. And Ragbrai is peppy enough as is, why not just through a little pep rally rivalry day in the mix? She said that I should include in my "suggestions" after the ride. Well, I never did that, but I guess there were other people thinking what I was thinking. Because this year they created college spirit day. And it is today!

I, total dork that I am, am showing my own, work appropriate, college spirit today. It's no bike jersey, and its symbol will be known by no one that sees it (besides maybe my readers) but it is meaningful to me.

I am a part of the action, in spirit at least. I am still waiting for my parents, who are truly a part of the action, to send me photos of the masses in uniform. I'll take their being so out of touch as a sign of how much fun they're having.

Those of us who aren't on Ragbrai 2011 can have fun too though! Tomorrow, I'll be on a bike ride in DC with friends and maybe we'll even dip our front tires in the Potomac River. Maybe we'll have to dip our whole bodies in to survive the heat.

I hope you're feeling a dose of spirit on this hot and sunny Friday!


  1. This blog is awesome! What a great way to reminisce about the good times (Altoona, watermelon, etc.), the details (packing up the tent(s), and the moments of pure pain (headwinds and biking in the rain). And kudos for the college spirit day. Lets RAGBRAI again...

  2. I plan to Ragbrai again next summer with the Shaws, Ingrid, Josh, Joyce (maybe), and YOU i hope. It is the 40th anniversary so it will be extra special!