Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ragbrai Day 5: Tail or Head

Let me share with you an e-mail that my mom sent me this morning:

Yesterday, we followed team WIND... their motto: 'looking for tail, but we'll take head..." Ha ha, we've had some of both today (wind that is...)
Those weirdo mid-westerners are just the best. And the Shaws fit right in. Not only did they  follow team WIND, but they created their own little Ragbrai ride from the Des Moines Airport, where they dropped off their rental car, to their campsite in Algoona, 17 miles away. They rode through downtown to see the capitol building, where my grandma spent much of her career.
Did you know that my grandmother, Elizabeth Orr Shaw, was the first woman in the Iowa State Legislature?! She was also a babe.

Anyway, I am envious of Betsy and Sandy's detour yesterday. Of all the times I've been to Iowa, I've never seen Des Moines (Days Mwehhns- nasal) and I'd really like to. The beauty of this capitol building, especially, spiked my curiosity so I went searching and found some cool stuff at Living Downtown Des Moines. Maybe my mom wasn't so crazy when she suggested I move to Iowa and make Ragbrai hire me. I mean still pretty crazy, but less so than I thought.

But enough about yesterday and Shaw family history. We're on to Day 5. I think I'd be sad that the ride was nearing it's end. But not too sad to pee in corn fields, drink beers while biking, and eat weird parts of cow and pig. Maybe I'd be experiencing some tail or head...

See you tomorrow! It's college Jersey day so get ready to show some school spirit!!

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