Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ragbrai Day 3

 Here is the route for today:

I'd expect to be somewhere around Lamesboro (sweet name!) right now, maybe eating some watermelon or a piece of Amish pie. Maybe I'd be checking my newly downloaded Ragbrai XXIX iPhone App.

Or maybe, if I'm anything like this guy from the Ragbrai Forum, I'd have smashed my iPhone in a pile of cow manure at that last farm, I'd be telling time with the sun, and maybe I'd be going commando or something.

"Ѕcrew the iPhone, there's more people with Droids now than will *EVER* buy an iPhone....and the disparity will only increase. Two more years and the only people with an iPhone will be either members of Steve Jobs' flock of sheeple, or those people who are still locked into their contract and couldn't upgrade away from them. And as for all this high-tech BS, remember — THIS IS A BIKE RIDE, FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!  If you want to go on something where everything is mapped out, planned out, scheduled out, and arranged for you, may I suggest taking a cruise?"

But I'm not like this guy, so I am intriqued by the App. Some people seem to be having trouble with it in the small ~2,000 person towns on Ragbrai which have trouble supporting all our cell phone calls but it is the launch year so I'll hold out hope. With any luck, it will be fine-tuned and non-battery-draining by July 22, 2012.

Happy Dreaming and more vicarious Ragbrai updates tomorrow!

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