Sunday, July 24, 2011

i love lucy gifts

You may remember this special cake that Josh made me for my twenty-third birthday last year:

It is the state of Iowa, with the route that I rode on Ragbrai last summer. It may come as a shock, but it has been a year since he made me that cake. I'm another year older and, though I'm not riding Ragbrai, I am still living the "i love lucy" lifestyle. And many of the generous presents and goodies I received for my birthday are proof of that fact.
Hadley's cake of my future book and bookmark (even though it'll be so good you'll never stop reading)

Sarah's beautiful balloon pic of me biking in heels.

Running shirt from Josh so I can bleed even more blue and orange.
Running water bottle from Josh.
Athlete's Cookbook (and farmer's market veggies) from Nikki

And new copper and stainless steel cookware from Josh to make my super athlete meals!
Similar cake to last year's... but Iowa has become THE USA! Made specially by Nikki and Joshua!

I am so grateful for great friends and family who make such a big deal about celebrating my birth, even though it seems a sillier and sillier phenomenon the older I get. Even though these material things are very exciting, delicious, and useful, it is the quality time with loved ones that i appreciate the most and I'm very lucky to have gotten lots of it over the past four days. I will let you know how it feels to run with a  water bottle, to bike in heels (maybe...), and how delicious and energizing the athlete's omelet burrito and chocolate fig and almond bites are.

I am working on my list of 25 things to do before 25 and will post it this week!

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