Sunday, July 31, 2011

25 Before 25

I have been working on a list of 25 things to do before I turn 25 and it is harder than I thought it would be. At first I included things that I’ve done before but want to do again. But I tailored those so that everything on this list is a new challenge. I am scared of how fast time flies but I am excited for all that is ahead. I truly look forward to being twenty-five, I think it will be a great age and I expect to be ready for new adventures. But, as my dad always advised, I will not wish my life away. I will live in the moment, while also planning for the future, and I will try my hardest to accomplish these twenty five “to-do”s in the measly fifty-one weeks ahead.

  1. Plan and begin bike ride across the US of A.
  2. Start cakestruction blog with Ingrid.
  3. Swim for sport.
  4. Set foot on the Appalachian trail.
  5. Go to Charlottesville with Joshua.
  6. Try at least 15 new restaurants in DC.
  7. Give YOGA another chance.
  8. Significantly refresh and improve my French. Then spend an afternoon speaking only French with my mom.
  9. Become comfortable with public speaking.
  10. Go Running in Vermont with VT Shaws.
  11. Begin Composting.
  12. Properly train for a half marathon and run it, comfortably, in under two hours.
  13. Create custom title/header for my blog.
  14. Survey my friends on the best coffee in DC. Drink a large cup from there. And savor it.
  15. Ride a century with my dad.
  16. Go somewhere new with Joyce and Nicole.
  17. Take at least three writing workshop courses and develop theme/plan/vision for my book.
  18. Complete comprehensive, streamlined Operations Manual for Fund Development department at GSCNC.
  19. Go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.
  20. Create and eat a complete meal with foods only picked, killed, or scavenged by me and a sous-chef. Dad?
  21. Convince Nathan to run Somerset 8k with me. 
  22. Rock climb outdoors (with a harness and stuff).
  23. Learn to use Adobe video editor. Take more videos.
  24. Become much more handy. Especially with bicycle maintenance.
  25. Swim in the Pacific Ocean.


  1. You know you could do 10 and 4 at the same time! We might even be able to fit 22 in there...

  2. YESSS!!! I love it. You were much more ambitious than I was, but you do have more time because you're a youngin. So I think I can help/ want to be involved with a good portion of these...
    2. I offer to eat/ bake at least once for it for you girls. 4. I've wanted to go hiking in Shenandoah NP for a while now, maybe on the country fall trip? 6. So many on my list for restaurant week in August. 7. I need some kind of new workout, just no early am classes. 8. Kev and I are going to Portugal/ France in a year and I am in dire need of brushing up. 13. I'd be glad to help with graphics for it. 14. Bread and Chocolate in Foggy Bottom Vanilla latte. 19. I love their new single and definitely want to go if they come to DC!


  3. Katy, I want to! We need to coordinate a time that you and Em will both be home.

    Julie-let's plan the country trip (and the rest) asap!

  4. Regarding 13: It looks pretty sweet now. Regarding 7: is "yoga" really all caps? Regarding 14 and 17: Awesome. Regarding the new blog: double thumbs up.

  5. number 18? seriously?

  6. Composting in DC? Teach me how!