Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BikeShare Email and Riding

You may remember an e-mail that I sent to Capital Bikeshare a few weeks ago asking what their policy is for riders who go over their allotted 30 minutes of free riding because they arrive at a station and all the docks are full. Before I left for Florida, I received a very nice response from a customer service representative informing me that if one goes over their allotted 30 minutes for no fault of their own, they will not be charged.

Then, I got another e-mail a few weeks later with my updated account information. I logged in for the first time since I activated my account and saw that I have only used a bikeshare bike fourteen times since my first ride on April 27. That is an average of 1.3 times per week and I know I can do better than that! Fourteen busrides would have cost me $21 and fourteen metro rides would have cost $31.10 (at the very least!) so I've almost already gotten my money's worth. But it's not about the money, it's about the riding! I hereby challenge myself to up my average to at least two trips via bikeshare a week. I will check back in a month or so with my progress.

So for all you commuters in this city, be comforted in knowing that customer service at Capital Bikeshare is quick in responding to your inquiries and that they will not charge you if you get stuck with nowhere to dock. I hope that you're sharing a bike more than 1.3 times a week and, if you're not sharing at all, I hope you'll consider joining. It is a really cool thing!


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  1. I hope they told you *how* to avoid being charged overages. If you get to a station and the docks are all full, there is an option to use at the kiosk to extend your time by 15 minutes to get to the next available station. Do not assume that just because it's full you will not be charged. Make sure you utilize the kiosk.

    And yes, bikeshare is awesome!