Monday, July 4, 2011


When I was a kid, we had a neighborhood parade every year on the Fourth of July, in which we'd all congregate to decorate our bikes with streamers and shiny things, bike around the neighborhood, and end at the local park with food and games. Then we'd go to the capitol to see the concert and fireworks, or to a family friend's law firm's rooftop.

Though I do love our Nation's Capital, and it seems a very appropriate place to celebrate this holiday, Josh and I got out of town this year for a simpler celebration in his home state of Florida. Yesterday, we went to Busch Gardens for fireworks and today, after eating brunch and working out, we are going to my best friend Nicole's house for her family barbeque and pool party. Afterward, we'll cookout and play with bright explosives with Josh's family. I will miss the bike rides of my childhood but look forward to a relaxing and food-filled red, white, and blue afternoon!

Happy Fourth of July! May your day be sunny, tourist-free, and complete with a fancy bike ride!

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