Thursday, June 23, 2011

Woodrow Wilson Bridge 1/2?

Today, I got back to my desk after a meeting and had this stuck to my monitor:


An inquiry from my babescout friend, fellow runner, and co-worker Hadley. I first heard about the Wilson Bridge Half Marathon on March 25, the day before our half. There was a postcard advertisement in our pre-race packet and I thought it sounded sweet. It is only a few years old and it is local. It begins in Alexandria, VA and ends in National Harbor, MD with a long run across the Wilson Bridge in between. If you've been reading me from the start you may remember my bike rides across this stretch of beltway. I am nostalgic for the snakes, the crashes, the world cup games, the cheese shops, and the beers from those rides and I would love to know what that familiar territory feels like on two feet. So I am tempted.

But I have also been planning, for a while, on running the Baltimore half exactly thirteen days later on October 15. I owe you many updates on that and they will come soon. What do you think, can I run both? Or, the more important question, can I afford both?

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