Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Morning Running

I have been running in the morning before work and it's very weird. Sometimes I feel energetic and rested and sometimes I feel nauseous and tired. Sometimes I am fast and sometimes I am slow. Sometimes I run with Nikki and sometimes I run alone. Sometimes I run three miles and sometimes I run six. But I always, ALWAYS feel great for the rest of the day. I feel more awake, I feel privelaged to indulge in any high-calorie food I like, and I feel clean (because it forces me to shower before work...)

I have struggled this week to commit to getting up early and have beat the urge to sleep through the 6am alarm only once. But I think about last summer when I didn't run at all, and even last fall and winter, when I was training for a half marathon and still running only once or twice a week. I am finally in a place where running is plain and simply part of my lifestyle. I am not training for any races (not for a while at least) but I am still motivated to put my shoes on and run miles and miles. And not only am I motivated but I look forward to it. It is a challenge but it is no longer a chore. It's not just about being skinny like it used to be, it's about being happy and pushing myself and setting goals and escaping from work and life stress. And, when I am so lucky, it's the perfect way to socialize with friend(s).

Now, it's time to sleep so I can get up in eight hours and hit the open road!

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