Friday, April 15, 2011

Sunshine Day

Having worked all day Saturday, I was due a day off of work so I stayed home today. Actually, I didn't stay home, I took off work and spent as much time outside as possible. It was a true i love lucy day as I biked, I ran, I played, I loved and I explored. So here's a re-cap:

I woke up at 11 and explored the world of yogurt, peanut butter, honey, berries, and banana for breakfast, all in one bowl. A truly successful experiment, it is my new power breakfast. But, before waking up at 11, I woke up around 8 as Josh got ready for work, read my e-mails, and paid $2 for a $10 giftcard to sweetgreen and a $10 coupon to hello cupcake. Living Social is launching their "instant deals" program so, today only, offered $1 lunches to over 150 locations around the city. Then I rolled back over and fell asleep. After breakfast, I rode Lucy to sweetgreen in Logan Circle and got the avacado greens salad to go. I then rode to hello cupcake in dupont and got a carrot, peanut butter, chocolate, and coconut cupcake. For all of this food, I waited a combined 70 or 80 minutes but it didn't bother me. I was just happy to be standing outside in the wonderful sun. I stuffed the cupcake box in my backpack on top of the salad and biked home, happy to see so many people walking the streets of DC. For future reference, transporting cupcakes on a bike is not the best idea- this is what happened to mine.

I returned home and didn't waste a minute. I changed from biker's spandex to nike dry-fit shorts, from clip in bike shoes to running shoes, and from a long sleeve t-shirt to a tank top. That's right, my friends, a tank top. I was out the door ready to run in five minutes. I ran five and a half miles, one of which was spent on the mile-long mass ave hill between Dupont and Wisconsin, with which I have developed a true love/hate relationship. With the heat, I was much thirstier than I have been running in a while, but I was also reminded of my running days in Florida (even though this heat was nothing in comparison) and it made me even more excited about summer, if that's possible. My music mysteriously stopped for good about 1.2 miles in so that was challenging at first but I love a challenge so I got over it.

I arrived home and spent thirty minutes on the couch, savoring every bite of my delicious $1 salad. Then I played some music, opened all the curtains and windows, and cleaned the shit out of my apartment. I went to buy Vace's fresh pasta, veggies, and a mediocre baguette from firehook (the only mediocre thing about today). I am now sipping wine, reminiscing about the past 10 hours, and awaiting the arrival of my friends Julie and Kevin with whom Josh and I are going to make dinner, play board games, and eat some messy cupcakes.

On this truly lovable Friday, I couldn't help but think how sweet it would be to just be a housewife. To bike and run and eat and to finish each day with a clean home. I am embarrassed to say that because I want to be productive and I want to do meaningful things with my life but damn it was nice to sweat lots and to spend so many hours in the hot sun, rather than stare at it out a far-off window from my desk. And I'm not a wife, nor do I have a house. And ultimately, I want to work and be successful. But maybe I could just work four days a week. More days like today would be wonderful. Bring on the sunshine!!

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