Monday, April 18, 2011


In the four or so years we've been together, Josh has been very loyal to me and seen my play soccer in approximately 230345765 soccer games. And I've seen him play baseball never. Which, as someone who gets bored by baseball, is kind of fortunate but, as a girl who loves her boyfriend and loves action, is very unfortunate.

Last year Josh joined his company softball team. They played on the ellipse, so picturesquely placed between the white house and the Washington monument. It's no baseball but it would have to do. I rode my bike down to one game after work but it wasn't exactly an atmosphere for spectators. It is very very casual, almost pick-up. And it was tough for me to get there in time for games. So I saw just the one but really enjoyed Josh's excitement when he'd come home and tell me about his home runs. The team was always struggling to find enough players but it never occurred  to me to become one. I don't work at touchstone but that doesn't stop me from playing on, and helping to lead, their soccer team.

So this year, when Josh told me that softball was starting up again, it dawned on me and I told him to let me know if they ever wanted an extra player. I'm no softball player but I like to keep life interesting and prove my athleticism through my ability to pick up a sport and be decent at it. Because, to me, that's what it means to be a good athlete: to be able to be pick up a sport and be great at it. To Josh, a good athlete is made by a very precise combination of speed, agressiveness, agility, strength, and "ups". This is a very long-standing debate between the two of us which deserves it's own blog post but it's really beside the point. I wanted to play with them if they needed me. They forfeited a game last Thursday so their first was this evening. I had plans to run tonight that I didn't want to fore-go so I sent my cleats and the extra glove to work with Josh, left all of my worldly possessions (besides phone and smarttrip) at work, and ran the 3.65 miles to the ellipse, arriving 5 minutes before the start of the game. We were mercy-ruled, losing 20-6 but it was super fun. We were down three players so there was lots of extra running in the outfield. I played second base and had a few good plays. And was saved by Josh, at shortstop, on a few pop-flies that made me look like Natalie Portman and Zach Braff in Garden State. Most importantly, I got to see Josh in action and, even better, got to play the game with him. He hit a double and a home run leading to three of our six runs. Go Josh.

I was right. Not enough running or exertion in baseball. Or I'm just being a snob and I can't compare 8 v 10 softball on the ellipse to real baseball. But I'm glad to have run down there, setting a personal best as I averaged an 8:32 mile amid all of the hoards of businessmen and women fighting to get home. And then, when it was over, it was wonderful to still feel so close to home. We ate lots at Moby Dick and then rode the scenic L2 back to Macomb Street. So Monday is a success. And I can't wait to see more and more of Josh's stellar athleticism shine through in softball.

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