Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Nicole

Dear Nicole,

Here is a list of the many adventures we would have if you lived in DC this summer:
  • Ride our bikes to Mount Vernon
  • Kayak on the potomac
  • Have a dance party to the new Madonna Celebration record I just bought
  • Hike on the billy goat trail
  • Jump in front of lots of cool things. Document the jumping.
  • See Great Falls
  • Go camping? If you wanna
  • Drive out to Shenandoah and go tubing! 
  • And set foot on the AT
  • Ride bikes to this friend of ours. Then climb on him

  • Go bowling
  • Race up and down the exorcist steps
  • Play on the beaches at Annapolis
  • Be spontaneous
  • Peppy Pesto Pizza with Pinenuts. Make and eat and serve to our friends.
  • Count the number of steps to Lincoln. Unless you still remember?
  • Dominate at taboo because of all the friends' references only we'll get.
  • You dominate at catch phrase. And I'll try to be on your team and dominate also.
  • Walk around Dupont and Georgetown and Cleveland Park (yeah, that's my hood) and Bethesda and everywhere in the world that there is to walk and see things.
  • Climb to the top of Washington.
  • Rum pong? No. Because we're classy now.
  • Paddle boat to the Jefferson Memorial
  • Play lots and lots of ultimate frisbee

  • And make lots and lots of water balloons
  • Run as if we're back in the old neighborhood. It will be just as hot
  • Dance to other things besides Madonna
  • Cook other things besides pizza
  • Dress up, sneak out, and be incognito mojito
  • Play tennis!!
  • Picnic at gravelly point to watch planes take off
  • Picnic on the mall to see fireworks. Cuz baby you're a firewoooooork.
  • (We would also dance to that)
  • Farmer's markets. Eastern Market.
  • Buy things
  • I know a field. We can frolic there.

  • See Monet paintings. And C3PO. And other cool stuff for free.
  • Drink sangria and listen to jazz in the National Gallery's sculpture garden
  • Sweat while riding the metro with tourists (does this seal the deal?)
  • Run, walk, or play at the zoo (.2 miles from my home)
  • Meet People
  • Eat Sandy Shaw vegan dinners
  • Hold hands
  • Live life as a smorgasboard
  • Be best friends together again for two months
I love you and I can't help but get my hopes up but I'm not trying to give too much of my signature carrie peer pressure. Because it's a stretch and it's complicated and I know that. But you're always more than welcome in these parts and I'll keep dreaming. And here's just some stuff to think about. (And it's almost all free!)


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