Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bikeshare Day 3. And silver city DC

Yesterday I planned to ride to work and left my apartment at 8:52. I got to the Cleveland Park station and there were ZERO bikes there. So I started the walk and called my boss to let her know I'd be a little late. It was no big deal but a little disappointing to know the bikes aren't 100% reliable. But I still believe in the bikeshare and I know they have people working constantly to move bikes around an ensure that no stops are left empty. And it was good that I had to walk. I need to not become lazy and stop walking the measly 8/10 of a mile just to save an extra five or ten minutes. I am so very lucky that my options are a fifteen minute walk or a five minute bike ride. Or a three minute bus ride if it's raining. My commute coats nothing or next to nothing and I am not affected by the continually rising gas prices. I read this morning on NBCWashington that those prices are boosting bikeshare popularity. So maybe more and more stations will pop up around town.

In other bicycle news, I read on that Washington, DC has been upgraded to a silver friendly bicycling community according to the League of American Bicyclists "bicycle friendly community program". Until now, DC was ranked as bronze but the introduction of two bikesharing systems, new downtown bike lanes, bike boxes, the bike station, the Wilson bridge path, and more, have bumped us up to silver.

The city continues to be a great place to live, to bike, and to run but, for now, I'm leaving it for New York City where I'll be riding my bike 42 miles through the five Burroughs tomorrow morning. More on that to come.

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