Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I've done

Life and times are crazy right now. It's hard to find time to run or walk, let alone take a bike ride. Since my 904 calorie run, I have:

•biked all over the city doing things with Ingrid
•purchased a presta valve adapter for josh's bike
•seen 127 hours and liked it but less than the book
•bike commuted to multiple friends' apartments with Joshua
•run more
•fretted about running
•bought new running shoes
•driven to Pennsylvania and back for one wild night and day
•played ultimate frisbee for the first time in months and won
•looked at a puny ski slope out my car window- and missed Colorado dearly
•joined two soccer tes for the upcoming spring/summer season
•contemplated the many things I might want to eat after the half. And told Josh to expect to be waiting on me hand and foot
•danced till 3am in a remote cabin
•taken a long uphill first walk to something sweet for froyo and cupcakes-and started a tradition
•drunkenly reminisced with Ben about ragbrai

This list could go on and I will call that accomplishment in the midst of all the craziness. The craziness is work-related and not something anyone cares to read about. It will calm down soon and I'll have more time to be me.

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  1. This is making me tired just reading it. Can't wait for your dinner this weekend!