Thursday, March 24, 2011


The half marathon is less than 48 hours away and I am in a constant state of butterfly stomach. But I'm also really excited and feeling so loved by the many friends and family who have listened to me talk and cry as I mentally prepare for this thing. Because at this point I feel like it's all mental. It's too late to do any more training, to pull or heal any more muscles, to stretch or ice away any discomfort. I'm so in my head and I believe that the mental battle is just part of the process, as Hadley, my other newbie half marathon runner in our group, is feeling the same angst that I am. As Ingrid has advised, I "need to get my head in the right place and start saying positive affirmations". I'll do that but I'll still be nervous. But I also know in my heart that I will be fine. I will probably finish and, if I don't, I'll still be fine. It's really not that big of a deal and I am doing it more for fun than anything else. So I'll have fun, try not to pee my pants, and hope that some unbelievable adrenaline will get me through.

And I'll also continue to feel loved and supported as so many people come out to cheer us on. I know how much fun cheering is because Hadley, Sarah, Lindsey and I did it last year for Nikki and Eric. And it truly was one of the best mornings. But I also know how hard it is to get up so early for a minute-long glimpse of your friends running by, especially on a day as cold as Saturday is predicted to be. Here is where we'll be running for any curious souls:

I will run those 13.1 miles of white dots on Saturday morning. I will not pee my pants in anticipation. I might get rained on but, as Nikki reminded me, I have run in rain, snow, and ice, so I will survive. I will have fun and I will laugh and I will sweat. And I'll be so glad to have done it all. Now I am positively affirmed.

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  1. You say u will do the postive thinking but then u say u will still be of course you will still be nervous! Hahaha that's the whole point of changing your thought process! If you say your nervous you will be nervous! I still love you :-) just repeatly tell yourself you will dominate this!