Wednesday, December 15, 2010

bike blog in winter

It is hard to have a blog about biking when it is only 20 some degrees outside. The fact that I have a blog that has been neglected for so many weeks really brings to light how neglected my bikes have been. In a normal winter, a few months without biking wouldn't seem so bad. Well, in normal winters past, I lived in Florida so a few months without biking would have seemed bad. But in the snowy, wintery torture that is DC in December,  I would tend to be ok with taking a cycling hiatus. But this year was different. I made a lifestyle out of biking unlike I have in the past. Commuting to campus by bike was easy and quick and a matter of necessity. But commuting to Van Ness by bike was a matter of choice, it was a commitment that I made, and a routine that I prided myself on. I obviously thought it was so important that all you people in the blog world would care enough to read about it. But now, I've thrown it away so easily simply because I dread the cold. It is sad but I'm not going to try and pretend I'll change my ways. Maybe I will but right now, sitting on my cozy couch under Christmas lights, drinking tea, the idea of biking in the bitter cold just doesn't appeal to me. I do feel kind of bad but maybe Lucy and Charlie need to hibernate just like the rest of us.

Don't let my failure to blog this month fool you. I have thought a lot about this. About how I miss blogging and I want to keep doing it even when I don't have frequent bike-related stories to write about. But also about how I dedicated this internet space to Lucy, and then Charlie, and all that they represent in my life. It seems a kind of betrayal to spend the next few months writing about basketball games, ski trips, joyce visits, and new apartments, with maybe a random note here and there about how Lucy is still chilling in my apartment as she was the day before, her handlebars as pink as ever. But I think I've decided to betray. I love Lucy and Charlie but I love many other things in my life. In 2010, I learned to love something new: writing a blog. So write I will. I think it will be a fun experiment to see where my mind wanders when the page is blank and the subject area is open. However, I won't forget where this blog came from. Come warm weather, you will be hearing a lot about the adventures of Carrie Shaw and her bikes. And hopefully we'll all be surprised at how much I have to say about those wonderful contraptions even throughout the icy winter.

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