Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Broken Promise

So, it turns out I did have an excuse not to bike today. I get veggies once a week from a Community Supported Agriculture Share with my parents and my friend Nikki. My parents (or I) pick up the veggies on Mondays and I bring Nikki's portion to her at work on Tuesday. In the past, I have used my own personal bike taxi to bring the produce to work but not this week. My parents are out of town so I gave Nikki almost half the produce and it was way too bulky to strap to my bike or fit in a backpack.

Believe me, I fought hard to make biking possible despite this hindrance and I couldn't conjure a way. I tried to concoct a plan with Josh, who has been driving to work this week so he can feed and walk Morgy each morning. I thought maybe he could drive the veggies and drop them off on his way. Nope, he goes in too early. So he could drive them in and drop them off on his way home. Nope, he leaves too late. The only conceivable way I could bike in and get Nikki her share today was to have Josh drive them to touchstone and then meet him for a 20 minute lunch in Dupont to pick them up which just didn't seem worth it. I did not want to let myself or my readers down but I couldn't see a way out of bringing a bag of produce to work by metro. So that's what I did. And turns out, I did let my readers down. Before I even got to my desk this morning, I was asked by two people, one of whom doesn't even know I have a blog, whether I biked. Well, no, dear friends, I did not and I'm sorry. But I will make it up to you by commuting by bike at least the next two days.

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