Sunday, October 24, 2010

Regular Riding

I aimed to ride to work every day last week. It was cold but otherwise beautiful. Very little rain. And I felt inspired again. On Monday, though, Josh suggested that we join some of his coworkers Wednesday night in volunteering at the food bank. The food bank is on Taylor street in NE DC so the logistics of me riding to work, riding to the food bank, and then somehow getting my bike home were pretty inconceivable. So I opted for the metro and met Josh, who drove in that day, at Touchstone before heading over. It was, of course, worth not riding for this. We hope to make it a monthly thing. But I am also determined to commute by bike for an entire week straight. Despite all my riding this summer, I have yet to ride a full week. This week it can't happen either because I am busy Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. As it gets colder, it may become harder and harder to accomplish but I will certainly try. I'll keep you posted!

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