Wednesday, October 6, 2010


On a completely unrelated note, Josh and Carrie met exactly four years ago today. They were at a party in the Courtyards, where they were both basically living at the time. Carrie had just been told by a guy she was dating that he wasn't really interested in her. So she was wandering the apartment complex looking for her friend Joyce and, as fate would have it, she ran into Josh and had a few brief minutes of tipsy flirting. They said their goodbyes and wouldn't meet again until a few hours later when she ran into him as he left the apartment complex carrying a pizza box.

If you've ever met Josh and never heard about this pizza box, then you might be missing out. I won't spoil all the fun but I'll paraphrase by saying that he was brutally beat up for this pizza by four huge frat guys in a neon who were nothing but stupid kids looking for a fight. Josh and Carrie didn't meet for another two weeks when their love would blossom and it wasn't until months later that they put the puzzle pieces together and realized that the pizza box night was the night of their first encounter.

Well, four years later, they are still happy and they spent the night eating delicious pizza and drinking half-off wine at Rosemary's Thyme in Dupont. They talked about practical things like their jobs and their "five year plans". They talked about silly things like winning the lottery and boys with chest hair. And they talked about nostalgic things like how much has changed in four years and how four years is SO FREAKING LONG but how fast it has flown by.

On the way home, Carrie would normally have made Josh be a gentleman and carry the leftover pizza. But, given the historic events of Oct. 6ths past, she carried it herself. There were no frat boys or bloody noses to ruin this night. There was pizza, there was flirting, and there was love. And whoa this is life.

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