Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Niki Nishiki

Today I sold my first ever road bike to a stranger named Robert. Yet again, I have something to be nostalgic about. My white Nishiki named Niki was of an un-known age somewhere between 25 and 30 years old. She was a Christmas present from my parents, and a hand-me-down to them from a family friend. She was named by Joyce who also had a white bike, a Peugot named Hugo. She got me around Gainesville efficiently for a solid eight months before I got worried that the men's crossbar was too dangerous and passed her on to Josh. Here she is in her glory days when she opened my eyes to road biking, and made me look cooler than I really am with her cow tape handlebars and her gum-wall tires. This is Nicole and I riding together on St Patrick's Day our senior year. Nicole is riding her hand-me-down pink panther bike from me that she has named Rosa and now rides in Tampa.

Here she is, in her second stage of life, being ridden by her most recent rider. This was his ride during our scavenger hunt to his new bike and was, therefore, the last time he rode her. The blue tape manned her up a little bit, and ensured that she matched Josh's precious Nike's, but she's always a woman to meeeeee.

And here's Niki yesterday, ready to be posted on craigslist. Props to my mom who did a great job shining her up for her new owner.

I hope that she will be a sweet surprise to Robert's girlfriend who will be her new owner. She is a great bike and she will be missed.

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